About DanielleRG and Creative Groundz Studio

Creative Groundz Studio (the studio) is a community arts space led by DanielleRG, Western Sydney Community Artist, which shares the mission of Common Groundz Community Café – commitment to projects and partnerships that serve the Lalor Park Community. The primary purpose of the studio is to deliver opportunities for art and creativity that enhance individual and community wellbeing.

About DanielleRG

Danielle has been developing her own mural business DanielleRG Pty Ltd since 2004, with 12 years experience in community Arts. Danielle has become a leader in community arts and its connection to building community. DanielleRG specialises in mural projects in schools and communities, workshops, and community projects such as Mad Hatters Tea Party for Mental Health awareness.
Danielle, along with Nathan Marshall, Pastor of Common Groundz Community Cafe, has been the face of change in Lalor Park through creative engagement. Through eight years of community ministry and arts development we were supported by Blacktown City Council with a studio and ministry space where we can continue creatively growing community.
Through art, we aim to achieve the following outcomes:
- Enhanced social participation for individuals in community
- Greater community cohesion and engagement
- Increased vocational opportunities (volunteer)
- Local community renewal and revitalisation
- Greater opportunities for local artists

The studio has developed key synergies with Common Groundz Community Café due both to its shared story of development but also its key role in community engagement, partnership development, community building, and promotional works. Art and creativity continues to be firmly embedded in both ministry and care activities of the café.

Through community art and ministry outreach, the studio supports new and existing artists, arts enthusiasts and community groups to play a more active role in transforming local social and built environments through its workshops, events and murals.

The contribution that art and creativity have had in Lalor Park’s development journey provides the raison d'être for why we do what we do. We exist to share the lessons and benefits from our work. We see art as having two primary roles: art as engagement, and art for engagement.

Through community art and care outreach, the studio provides a safe place for individuals in need to engage in a social and creative environment that supports them in times of need.

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Danielle Rawnsley Galistan
32 Charles Street
Blacktown   NSW   2148
M. 0410 024 918 | E.

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