These comments are from the guests who come and make such encouraging statements and spurn us on by the grace of God:
"we appreciate how much you do for us"
"you have no idea how much of a difference the Foodbank makes to our shopping and how much we save"
"thanks so much for all you do.  I didn't have any friends before I started coming to dinner.  I am pretty quiet.  Now I can come and enjoy a conversation with people"
"the food is not the reason I come, it's the friendly people and I enjoy meeting some new people"
"it's not the food, it's the people!  Even if you didn't supply dinner, I'd come"

Fortnightly Sundays, we offer a light afternoon Service (approximately 45 minutes) starting at 4pm.  The service is followed by a hearty community dinner prepared by our volunteers at 5pm.  All are welcome!  Grocery shopping starts at 6pm and is at a cost of approx. $1 per kilo based on items supplied by FoodBank.  The shopping is often supplemented with free perishable produce (vegetables, fruit and occasionally meat) supplied by OzHarvest.   All activities conclude by 7pm.

Table @399 has been operating for over three and half years and has been greatly blessed by the wonderful support of so many church based volunteers without whom this ministry could not run!  Financial support is necessary to sustain this ministry to serve our community and we are grateful of any gifts given.  God continues to bless us by providing Table @399 with all its needs.  We have an afternoon service at 4pm before the dinner where approximately 10-15 Table @399 patrons attend.  This is a great opportunity for guests to come to an informal church service and hear God’s word.  We are very excited about this development.
We hope to establish relationships with people from our local community by meeting their physical needs based on 1 John 3:17–18. Christ centred conversations are always encouraged over the dinner table in a non-pressured manner. Table@399 revolves around food but it is not all about food. We work to build relationships yet it is much more than just making friends. Our goal is to share God’s love and message through the way we interact with them and also provide them with the opportunity to learn more about Jesus if they choose to through the 4pm Service.  

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