Jacaranda Cottage provides a safe and supportive place for young women to deal with issues causing them to be at risk of homelessness,
and move forward into independent living. This is done through a holistic living skills and personal development program. Our vision is to impart hope,
facilitate restoration, and celebrate transformation in the lives of our clients

We often have girls who turn 18 while living at Jacaranda.  We recently celebrated someone who turned 18.  We had an opportunity to host a "Jac family dinner" and make a little party for our girl.  She was very resistant to the idea of us celebrating at first because her experience with things being done for her was that it always came at a cost and there were always strings attached.  I gently probed her about how we could do this in a way that didn't overwhelm her but still let us honour the woman she had become. 
We had dinner (the meal she chose), with a couple of people in our Jac community (that she chose), with the cake that was baked (that she chose), doing Just Dance (the game) and sparklers (that she chose).  We got her a gift and everyone wrote her a card and spent the whole night telling her exactly what she meant to our little community. 
Everyone, especially our girl had such a good time.  This was compared to on her actual birthday she spent some time with her mother who hijacked the day to make it about herself and what was going on for her as well as speaking words over our girl that really broke her spirit.  This was a sad reality that perhaps could not be helped as there is mental health issues being battled in that family.  It was our honour to give perspective as well as shape good boundaries. 
We also had some people from Gymea Baptist church give Easter gifts to our girls and one of them was gift vouchers to certain restaurants.  Our girl used them to go out with a couple of her friends out for her birthday without worrying that she couldn't afford it.

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