New Future New Hope - these words describe what we’re about. In a community that often struggles with feelings of no future and little hope, we exist to proclaim a very different message. We often make connections through activities that provide for very basic needs, such as the bread run and the shed.

Natalie made contact with us through the bread run. Natalie is a single mum who lost custody of all her children except for her latest newborn. She came to NFNH quite a few times after reconnecting with us through the Bread Run. Her custody battles took their toll and we encouraged her and supported her as best we could. I had a couple of very substantial conversations with her about the Lord, but He was always kept at arm’s length at best for Natalie. Her involvement may well have been pragmatic to help display a life “more in control” but she heard the Gospel despite not seemingly having “ears to hear”.

The SHED is our community “shed” based at the PCYC. Along the lines of the popular “men’s sheds”, we are a family shed where kids, mums, teenagers and pops are all welcome. Each week, a dozen kids come along and participate. They experience a healthy family atmosphere, good teaching, sharing, honesty, games and positive role models. Just yesterday, Jack rode up with his indigenous father on his pushbike. Steve stayed and chatted, had a cool drink and was shown the shed. There was a hundred reasons why he shouldn’t have bothered but we take joy and encouragement from these connections. This week I’ll invite him to Sandwich Sunday.

Please thank God for …
  • our leadership team which continues to be more unified & committed to the ministry and each other. It is a joy to meet, pray, plan and be together

  • the regular and growing attendance of Year 4 to Year 6 students at SUPA club (Nowra East Public); and for the trust and support shown by the school

  • the great opportunity last month to have a stall at the Bi-Annual Carnivale where connections were made and our activities promoted

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