Pathways Community Church (Pendle Hill Church of Christ) have an established

ministry in Lalor Park, which was originally planted in 2004, and came under the banner

of Pathways in 2007. The ministry in Lalor Park is best known as 'Common Groundz

Community', working as a 'mission outpost' from the Pendle Hill campus.

Common Groundz Community is committed to serving Christ and His Kingdom, seeking

the wellbeing of Lalor Park and beyond.

Common Groundz Community Cafe was established in October 2008, and has been

our mode for mission and engagement.

Our cafe mission statement: Common Groundz is a not for profit community cafe,

committed to partnerships and projects that serve the Lalor Park community.

Common Groundz has been the central hub for much of the ministry and engagement

since its inception. It has been shaped as a social enterprise, with its key strategy as a

training space for primarily local (but not excluding) people to become volunteers,

receiving training and experience. This has empowered many who would otherwise not

be given potential opportunities to learn and be part of a team. Common Groundz has

birthed such wonderful initiatives as the 'Lalor Park Community Garden', and has been

the impetus for many community projects (such as mural art engagements), events

(such as ANZAC), and programs (such as our 'cafe skills' course in partnership with

TAFE Nirimba).

Common Groundz is firstly a community cafe. We trade 6 days a week, with an

emphasis on building relationship, while delivering great coffee and baked on premises’

food. Common Groundz also has built a strong local catering arm, delivering platters of

food for primarily Guardian Funerals, but also such groups as Council or Area Health.

We have created a 'freshly made frozen food' option and we deliver to Travelodge

Macquarie. These sub-business enterprises have all been undertaken to create

financial sustainability to the cafe.

Common Groundz built a 'coffee and bbq trailer' in 2012, and went on to sell and build a

bigger version to participate at events, both locally and city-wide. The trailer has been a

great asset, serving as another income stream, while promoting the work of the cafe at

a larger scale. It's also created opportunities for many volunteers to serve and support

the work of the cafe, who might otherwise not have the chance. The cafe Church

community have been a great volunteer base, giving them a way of supporting the

ministry in a practical and engaging way.

Common Groundz community cafe has always been a place that has encouraged faithbased

dialogue, creating small groups which have developed into a 'Cafe Church'

community. Cafe Church is the result and fruit of ministry and engagement in our

community, with many people who attend either connecting firstly as customers, or

through involvement with the cafe, and now through the running of Alpha over the last

two years.

Cafe Church has developed and grown quite steadily, and celebrates a weekly

gathering that has found its own liturgy of coffee, art, facilitated engagement and

involvement for children.

Cafe Church is team led, with a strong social justice bent, community prayer and

scripture praxis. Interactive and highly participatory, cafe Church has seen itself as one

of the social/spiritual outcomes of the cafe. It's grounded in the ICON, philosophy,

mission and values of Common Groundz, and is in an exciting phase of organic growth

and community ownership

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