Churches of Christ Chaplains are endorsed ministers of the Churches of Christ in New South Wales, their mission is the the pastoral care of people in diverse settings. In this they are committed to the physical, mental, spiritual and social advancement and well-being of those they serve. Churches of Christ Chaplains are therefore committed to

•providing excellence in pastoral care and counselling and
•promoting support within

a.the church and
b.the public at large

for the development and delivery of skilled services that enhance pastoral and spiritual well-being.

Central to the vision of Churches of Christ Chaplains is therefore the integration of dedicated, qualified, skilled and pro-active services aimed at stimulating pastoral and spiritual flourishing within the total experience of persons in the diverse settings in which Chaplains have the opportunity to serve.

Principles and Values

There are a number of principles and values that undergird mission of the Churches of Christ Chaplains and to which Churches of Christ Chaplains must be committed as life-long learners.

 Commitment to these principles and values does not constitute an undertaking to define standards for the purposes of civil liability, rather it implies a commitment to participate as a Chaplain

•with integrity,
•in a manner that is consistent with these principles and values,
•and to cooperate with the guidance, standards and judgements of the Churches of Christ.

These include the following

General Principles and Values

1.All human beings possess dignity and worth as beings

a.created in the image and likeness of God, and
b.for whom the offer of forgiveness, healing and life won for them by the cross and resurrection of Christ is available.

2.The spiritual dimension of a person’s being is an essential aspect of their created being and must be addressed in the striving of any individual for health, wholeness and meaning in life.

3.The spiritual care of persons is an essential and critically important aspect of the total care offered in the delivery of care in all public and private institutions and organisations.

4.Pastoral and counselling services offered by Churches of Christ Chaplains services must embrace

a.inclusivity as a foundational value and
b.diversity as foundational realities in
c.all settings, regardless of race, gender or circumstance of life of the persons to whom Churches of Christ chaplaincy services may be offered.

5.The importance of spiritual values and social justice concerns must be promoted on behalf of persons in need.

General Commitments

Churches of Christ Chaplains are committed to

 1. integrity, competence, respect for the dignity of all persons, and collegiality among its members,

 2. serving as a community of competent ministers of the gospel, without discrimination regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, age or disability,

 3. demonstrating respect for the opinions, beliefs and professional efforts of their colleagues and those with whom they have contact in their role as Chaplain,

 4. the improvement and growth of pastoral care according to its mission in all of its breadth including both its theological and practical dimensions,

 5. working cooperatively within Churches of Christ structures and using Churches of Christ resources to maintain their standards and continuing education,

 6. complying with Churches of Christ standards for competency and ethical behaviour,

 7. pursuing ongoing personal growth and professional development in theology, spirituality, pastoral skills, and other areas which enhance their proficiency,

 8. enriching the mission and presence of their churches and communities, and

 9. treating all persons with dignity and respect.

Service Standards

Churches of Christ Chaplains will

1.provide chaplaincy services to all persons beings created in the image and likeness of God, and if they were Christ Himself (cf. Matt 25:31-46)

 without discrimination regardless of religion, faith group, race, ethnicity, gender, age, or disability.

Spiritual Services

Churches of Christ Chaplains will

1.affirm the religious and spiritual freedom of all persons,

2.refrain from imposing doctrinal positions or spiritual practices on persons whom they encounter in their professional role as Chaplain and

a.whose spiritual beliefs and practices are other than those of the Churches of Christ in New South Wales, and
b.who have not invited them to address doctrinal issues or to participate in spiritual practices;

Not Abusing Privilege

Churches of Christ Chaplains are committed to maintaining the integrity of the pastoral relationship by not using the privilege of their position of Chaplain with, or knowledge of, another for personal gain.

Sexual Integrity

Churches of Christ Chaplains will

1.reject and oppose any form of emotional, financial, and sexual exploitation,

2.not engage in any form of sexual misconduct including,

a.sexual abuse,
b.sexual exploitation,
c.sexual harassment,
d.sexual advances,
e.requests for sexual favours,
f.verbal, physical or visual conduct of a sexual nature, and/or
g.any pattern of behaviour that would be perceived as sexual misconduct.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Churches of Christ Chaplains will

1.respect the privacy of all persons,

2.comply with

a.Commonwealth and State Privacy and Confidentiality Statutes and Regulations,
b.the policies of the Churches of Christ in NSW, and
c.the policies of the institution or service in which they serve


a.client confidentiality, and/or
b.the sharing of private information.

3.not relate experiences that carry any risk of exposing the vulnerabilities of those they serve or the families of those they serve to exposure, embarrassment, derision or ridicule,

4.not disclose the identities of those they serve in any consultations, presentations or publications unless

a.the person served, or
b.the family or guardian of the person served, if that person cannot give consent,
3.has given the Chaplain written permission for disclosure of the relationship;

5.respect the private communications of colleagues as confidential unless to do so would

a.violate the safety and well-being of another, or in conflict with the laws or policies of the state, an institution, or the Churches of Christ in New South Wales.


Churches of Christ Chaplains will accurately represent their professional qualifications and affiliations.

Compliance and Accountability

Churches of Christ Chaplains will
1.maintain accurately and currently any patient records, financial accounts or other documents required in the course of their work,

2.respond with honesty and timeliness to any commission or representative of
a.the Churches of Christ,
b.the institution or service in which they are serving,
c.government agencies

that have been duly authorised to make inquiry into their work,

3.provide Churches of Christ with immediate notice of any complaint of unethical conduct made against them in a civil, criminal, ecclesiastical, employment or another professional organisation’s forum, and

4.take responsible action when they become aware that they or another Churches of Christ Chaplain is impaired or otherwise unable to maintain Churches of Christ standards.

Community of Practice

Churches of Christ Chaplains will make referrals or obtain consultations when it is in the best interests of those served and maintain interdisciplinary and interprofessional relationships to foster the ability to make such referrals.